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Best Way To Clean Hard Wood Floors

best way to clean hard wood floors

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  • (Wood flooring) Wood flooring is any product manufactured from timber that is designed for use as flooring, either structural or aesthetic. Bamboo flooring is often considered a wood floor, although it is made from a grass (bamboo) rather than a timber.

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Santa in April?

Santa in April?

I'm only showing this drawing because it's a part of my daily drawings in my sketchbook. It's the one I used for the lino block print a couple of weeks ago.

I'm taking Tanner to go to work with his dad this morning (Dan does landscaping) and then I've got some finishing touches to do to get ready for my sister's arrival tonight.

Last night we watched the Lemony Snickets movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I had gotten it at Costco yesterday. As usual I was drawing so didn't watch carefully but what I did see I enjoyed. I'll watch it again soon and try to pay more attention.

I've decided that the lino design I'm going to do while my sister is here will be a book plate. Probably for a dear friend who has tons of books and loves bird watching and is originally from Holland. I think it will be fairly easy for me to come up with a design that fits her. If I can't come up with a design in short order then I'll do one for myself with yesterdays butterfly. Then I'll do the one for the friend.

Last night Tanner and I went with Paul to a 1.2 million dollar home that is part of our annual Parade of Homes. It was spectacular to say the least. It sits high above the valley on a mountain surrounded by hills and rock, the view of the valley is spectacular, you can see all the way to the horizon from the place. The home has 6000 square feet of living space and it's all very high quality with gorgeous polished woods, stones, rich carpets and furnishings a home theater and all. Tanner got to spend the whole 3 hours with the guy in the home theater watching movies and enjoying the comfort. If I can find any pictures of the place I will show you.

I have a nice home, we have a nice view but let me tell you that I had never seen anything like the view from that place! I am not wishing to live there and am very happy with my home but it looks very generic after being in a 1.2 million dollar home.

I wouldn't even want a place like that unless I had enough money to hire someone to come in and keep the monster clean, geesh, 6000 square feet is a whole lot of house.

Most of the floors were beautiful wide plank hard woods, black walnut and some cherry and they were polished so that the grain of the woods shone like it was almost metallic. There was extensive wood work, cabinets, pillars and such all done in knotty alder throughout the house. This is all custom woodwork made for the space. The counter tops in the enormous kitchen were granite and there was even a special pasta spout above the 12 burner commercial stove for filling pasta pots. A warming drawer, 2 dishwashers, a fridge that was huge and camouflaged to look like the beautiful cabinets, wine cooler and on and on. This house won all but one of the award given by the home builders association, Best Kitchen, Best Overall design, Best Interior Design etc.

All the doors in the house are 9 foot, solid Alder polished wood, the many windows are almost all 10 feet high so the view is always in sight. The home theater is a huge room with remote controlled room darkening blinds, a bar with dishwasher and fridge, pool table, other game tables and comfy seating for watching movies on the huge screen. There is a big computer in one room that controls the whole house, you can watch a different movie (at the same time) on each of the different flat panel TVs that are throughout the house, listen to different music in each room and control lots of the functions of the home from any computer.
Well, I'm going on and on, sorry. I was just so impressed with it all.

Anyway, after that we went out for Chinese food and then watched our movie. It was a fun night.

Hard-Rock-G ©

Hard-Rock-G ©

Hard Rock Biloxi

best way to clean hard wood floors

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