Best Way To Clean Car Windows

best way to clean car windows

    car windows
  • Car glass includes windscreens, side and rear windows, and glass panel roofs on a vehicle. Side windows can be either fixed or be raised and lowered by depressing a button (power window) or switch or using a hand-turned crank.

  • (car window) a window in a car

    best way
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Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills

Mobius Arch, Alabama Hills

I almost didn't get to take this picture today. Why? Because I was almost devoured by a pack of ravenous....mules.

The mules used as pack animals in the sierras are herded down into the Owens valley every fall to overwinter on BLM and LADWP land. I discovered this rather by accident last year when I drove out into the valley above Independence to photograph the main intake of the Los Angeles aqueduct, and walked back to my car (you go through a gate--trespassing is not forbidden, just a sign to please close the gate so you don't let the mules out) on the little dirt road, and was surrounded by about 10 enormous and friendly sierra mules. Friendly in a nice way. Friendly in a "you can walk up and give me nose scratches, and I'll just stand here and be docile and nice" kind of way.

So I thought about those mules a lot (I'm kind of an animal nut), and today we decided to pay them a visit on our way back from Bishop. We stopped at the Vons in Bishop and picked up a bag of carrots and a bag of apples, and headed down to their overwintering place to give them a little treat.

Cool. Got in, closed the gate behind us, drove a ways down the dirt road and saw some mules. We parked, got out, and tried to coax one over for a carrot. He was wary at first, but as soon as he tasted that carrot, he was all "OMG GIVE ME MORE NOW NOW NOW." He was pushy. And REALLY big. Like, physically, knock-you-over pushy. And so were his THIRTY FREAKING HUGE MULE FRIENDS. It was like we were attacked by a really aggressive gang of street mules. It was a mob. We started just throwing the carrots and apples, hoping they'd wander off to eat them, but that didn't work (some did wander off and eat them, but the others kept us surrounded).

I was going take some pictures of the big, friendly mules, but one of them thought my L lens looked DELICIOUS (and sidled up behind me to slobber on it--ew), so I ended up just clutching my camera to me protectively as I tried to push through the behemoths and get to the car. I'm 5'5", and couldn't even see over the backs of a lot of these guys--enormous animals.

Anyway, we made it safely to the car, which they then surrounded and peered creepily through the windows. All the windows. On all sides of the car. One of them tried to eat the little windshield washer fluid knob thingie on the hood (while it still had a mouth full of apple--I had to clean apple bits and mule slobber out of it later when we stopped for gas). With a series of honking and very slow, patient advances, we drove out of the herd. Gordon mutters "well, that was a dumb idea...." You know what they say about good intentions. Lesson learned: feel free to visit the mules, just don't bring treats. They morph into satanic vampire mules when offered treats.

Fortunately, we survived the near massacre-by-mule, and made it down to the Alabama Hills in time to catch some nice cloud action and afternoon light. When I've shot this in the past, it's always been at sunrise, so I thought I'd see how it looks at a different time of day. I also tried to get a slightly different angle on the arch, something other than the same view that we ALL shoot...

Four Rings

Four Rings


So... I feel really weird posting pictures at this point (and a car picture, at that). I feel like I've been gone for way too long. I think it's been 4 months, almost 5. So I have a lot of catching up to do. It's not that I didn't take pictures for the past 5 months, it's just that I never actually had time to look at them and do anything with them once they were taken. After a while, dozens turn to hundreds, hundreds to thousands... and I had way too many pictures to edit.

I'm kind of just starting over at this point. Getting the best out of what was there and then moving on.

So much has happened since I stopped Flickring. I've had a girlfriend for almost 5 months, live in my own apartment, and bought my own car. The first few pictures I post are just gonna have to do with catching up on what's been going on.

As for the car, it's a 2003 Audi A4 (5 speed, 1.8T Quattro, and bone stock at this point) and I kind of love it. It has weird quirks like any German car, but it's really fun when it matters. This is just the obligatory "LOL LOOK, CAR" picture. It needs to be hardcore cleaned and the paint needs some love, then I'll start doing cool pictures of it. Oh and the back window spontaneously rolls down... which needs to be fixed too.

Also, learning to drive stick on a nice car is really, really scary. Definitely not the best idea, hahaha.

I'll check out streams and say hi to everyone soon. I have an unusual amount of free time right now so I'm gonna make use of it!

Oh and funny pictures involving inanimate objects are on the way, haha. Unfortunately Mr. Marshmallow was MIA for a while, but I have something to take its place for a bit which will hopefully make up for that.

Cute girlfriend pictures, too!

And just lots of good things in general.

best way to clean car windows

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